SBA Pedagogy


Management education in School of Business Administration, BPIT is imparted through a thoughtfully balanced mix of teaching pedagogy. Faculty members strive to make the classes interactive so that students can correlate the theories with practical examples for better understanding.

Case Study Supplements

Lectures are supplemented by case studies to facilitate experimental learning among the students as they encounter real business issues. This helps to strengthen students’ analytical, problem solving and decision making skills.

Experimental learning

Students go through experimental learning process through various projects and internships.

Team Work

Students are given chance to work in teams wherein they learn to work and adapt with diverse workforce while working on specified assignments.

Guest Lectures

Students in SBA, BPIT interact with eminent guests from the industry on a regular basis.


Workshops on different domains are conducted on a regular basis to equip the students with necessary skills as per the demand of the industry.

Continuous Evaluation

Students are regularly evaluated on different parameters to check their progress throughout a semester. Class participation, short quizzes, announced tests, assignments, projects, etc. form part of this evaluation process.